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PRESS RELEASE - Firefighters Gain Sight with Personal Thermal Imaging Cameras

Camino, CA – June 21, 2023 – El Dorado County firefighters have a gained perspective thanks to new equipment placed in service this week. The Fire District purchased 13 Seek Reveal FirePro X thermal imaging cameras (TICs) for firefighters to use in the course of their emergency responses. These devices are a complement to existing equipment primarily used by officers on the fire engines.

The Fire District received an $8,000 donation in February from the a family trust. This donation came via one of the District’s legacy agencies – the Shingle Springs Fire Protection District which consolidated into the El Dorado County Fire Protection District in 1991. “We are grateful for this generous donation which allowed us to purchase these TICs which enhance the safety and effectiveness of our firefighters,” said Fire Chief Tim Cordero. The donated funds were used to purchase these new devices this past month.

These personal TICs will be invaluable tools for firefighters, offering numerous advantages to them. TICs enhance situational awareness by enabling visibility through smoke, darkness, and challenging conditions. They detect heat signatures, helping firefighters identify hotspots, locate victims, and navigate hazardous environments. TICs also increase safety by providing real-time thermal imaging, allowing firefighters to identify hidden fires, structural weaknesses, and hot surfaces, thus avoiding potential dangers. These cameras facilitate efficient search and rescue operations by detecting heat signatures emitted by individuals, including those trapped or hidden. Additionally, TICs aid in the early detection of fires, assist in fire assessment, improve firefighting tactics by identifying the hottest areas, and contribute to post-incident analysis for evaluating actions and enhancing techniques. Moreover, TICs can be incorporated into training programs to simulate realistic scenarios and improve preparedness. Personal TICs will significantly enhance firefighting operations, ensuring better outcomes for both firefighters and our communities.


May contain: clothing, coat, and jacket
A firefighter is equipped with a personal TIC as part of their standard equipment.
May contain: electronics, phone, mobile phone, clothing, glove, and screen
A firefighter holds a personal TIC fixed on a simulated victim


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