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AB38 Form 


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Creating and maintaining Defensible Space can protect your home from an advancing wildfire.

Assembly Bill 38 went into effect July 1, 2021. AB38 requires home sellers to provide documentation to home buyers at time of sale that such residential structure(s) meet the requirements of Public Resource Code (PRC) 4291 and any other local Ordinance pertaining to wildfire defensible space. This only applies to homes within a Very High Fire Severity Zone or High Fire Severity Zone area.

Homeowners can find out if their residence is within a Very High Fire Severity Zone or High Severity Zone by searching their address here. If a residence is not within one of these zones, an inspection is not required.

If it is determined the home is within one of these zones a request for an inspection can be made.


For homes located in the State Responsibility Area (SRA)

Inspections will be performed by Cal Fire inspectors who will provide documentation of the inspection. Request an inspection here.


For homes located in the City of Placerville

Inspections will be performed by El Dorado County Fire Protection District inspectors.

To determine if a home is located in the City of Placerville:

  • Go to this map.
  • Click on the red magnifying glass icon on the bottom menu. 
  • Click the “By Value” tab at the top of the window.
  • Select "Street Address" from the drop down menu. 
  • Enter street address (ex 1234 Main St) and click search.

If your building falls within the City of Placerville area (area within the black outline on the map), Click Here to request an inspection. The current fee is $205. This will be collected by a third party billing service, Fire Recovery.

Information on defensible space and home hardening can be found at


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