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Badge Pinning Ceremony - June 13, 2024

Diamond Springs, Calif. (June 13, 2024) — Three new firefighters joined the ranks of local agencies during a badge pinning ceremony on Thursday. El Dorado County Fire Protection District welcomed Firefighter/EMT Dillon Ford and Firefighter/EMT Jacob Bevans to the organization. Diamond Springs - El Dorado Fire Protection District welcomed Firefighter/EMT Brad Jones to the organization. Fire Chief Tim Cordero and Fire Chief Matt Gallagher jointly led the ceremony. All members were pinned with their new badges and sworn in. 

This ceremony represents the first occasion of both agencies working together with a combined hiring and onboarding process for new-hire employees. Welcome everyone, congratulations!

Also attending the ceremony was El Dorado County Supervisor Brooke Laine, who made a separate presentation to EMTs and Paramedics who responded to the horrific crash involving five students of a local Pollock Pines preschool on May 31, 2023. Supervisor Laine thanked the responders for their efforts in caring for the injured students and for continuing to be present in our communities to help others. 


Firefighters taking an oath during a ceremony with an official presiding, American flag in the background.
Fire Chief Tim Cordero, left, swears in the Firefighter/EMTs (l-r) Jacob Bevins, Dillion Ford and Brad Jones.
Two firefighters at a podium, audience listening, U.S. flag in the background.
Fire Chief Matt Gallagher, left, and Fire Chief Tim Cordero, right, address the gathering.
One man pins a badge on another in a fire department uniform, a third observes, all in front of a department banner.
Firefighter/EMT Dillon Ford receives his badge and is pinned by Fire Chief Tim Cordero.
Two firefighters conversing, one in a dress uniform with badges, and a 'DORAL FIRE RESCUE' banner in the background.
Fire Chief Tim Cordero congratulates Firefighter/EMT Dillon Ford.
A woman is pinning a badge on a smiling man's uniform at a ceremony, observed by others in uniform.
Firefighter/EMT Jacob Bevins receives his badge and is pinned by his wife.
Three firefighters in uniform shaking hands in a room with an American flag.
Fire Chief Matt Gallagher congratulates Firefighter/EMT Jacob Bevins as Fire Chief Tim Cordero looks on.
A woman is pinning a badge on a firefighter's uniform, while two other firefighters observe, with an American flag in the background.
Firefighter/EMT Brad Jones receives his badge and is pinned by his mother.
Two firefighters in uniform shaking hands, one with captain's bars, American flag in the background, clapping colleague nearby.
Fire Chief Matt Gallagher congratulates Firefighter/EMT  Brad Jones.
Group of people standing, two holding certificates, with a "Fire Rescue" banner backdrop.
Several Firefighter/EMTs and a Firefighter/Paramedic are recognized by Supervisor Brooke Laine for their response to an emergency involving five children in Pollock Pines on May 31, 2023. Pictured are (l-r) Firefighter/EMT Ryan Spigelberg, Firefighter/Paramedic Wyatt Bartsch, Firefighter/EMT Ryan Bischoff, Supervisor Brooke Laine, and assistant to the supervisor Lisa Watson. 


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