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Firefighters, Retired Fire Captain and Deputy Sheriff Honored by Pollock Pines Business Association

On February 8th, the Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines (CEDAPP) recognized several participants for services they offered during a medical emergency at a Z Group community gathering in January. 

Among those recognized were retired El Dorado County Fire Protection District Fire Captain Lee Ramsey, and El Dorado County Sheriff Deputy Matt French who were attending the meeting when an attendee suffered a medical emergency. Both individuals sprung into action and offered aid until  medical response from Engine 19 of Peasant Valley arrived. El Dorado County Fire Protection District Firefighter Paramedic Nicholas Thomas was recognized for his care at the scene. 

Knowing first-aid skills can come in handy to help stabilize a medical patient until help arrives. Emergent medical conditions can have an improved chance of survival, especially in the instance of cardiac arrest, if there is:

  • Early recognition of the emergency and early access to emergency medical care (call 9-1-1)
  • High quality CPR
  • Early defibrillation
  • Advanced resuscitation (by Emergency Medical Services, including paramedics)
  • Post-cardiac arrest care
  • Recovery -  including rehabilitation 


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