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Residential Burn Permits Required May 1, 2024

CAL FIRE Announces Permit-Required Residential Debris Burning Window


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Camino, Calif. (April 22, 2024) - CAL FIRE has announced that Residential Burn Permits will be required effective May 1, 2024 in El Dorado County.  Permits expire annually, at the end of April, and a new permit is required for burning. Residents can request a new residential burn permit now by visiting Permits are issued free of charge. This permit must be available when burning as a printed or digital copy. 

With a valid permit, residents can burn dry vegetative material that originated on the landowner's property. Residents can burn in 4-foot diameter piles with 10 feet of clearance to mineral soil.  Please adhere to all conditions covered in the burning safety video and those listed on the permit. Residential debris fires that cause excessive smoke, posing a nuisance, can be abated. Residents must always check with El Dorado County Air Quality Management District immediately prior to lighting your pile(s). Burn day information is always available and updated daily on:

For information on burning that is outside of the Residential Burn Permit requirements, please visit



CAL FIRE Press Release (PDF - screen reader friendly link below)

Burn Permits Required (2024).pdf
A CAL FIRE news release detailing residential burn permit requirements starting May 1 in the Amador-El Dorado Unit, with contact information.

 Debris Burning Requirements (PDF - screen reader friendly, includes version en español)

Debris Burning Handout (10-23).pdf


An infographic on debris burning, listing permit requirements and safe practices for burning in small piles, with illustrations.
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